Lait & Lune envisions a new modern-utopia in jewelry that harmonizes quintessential elements and soulful glints. French for “Milk and Moon”, Lait & Lune is influenced by favorite artists from the likes of Fauvist Henri Matisse – who saw the world in fascinating fluid movement of pure colors – to Surrealist Rene Magritte – who, through transformation and distortion, shed a glistening spotlight on everyday objects that meant so much yet received so little of our attention. Inspired by eclectic mediums of arts, nature and voyages, our designs evolves organic forms and shapes into timeless, statement-making, refined silhouettes.

To create jewellery that will carry you through every intricate moment in life, all jewelry creations are meticulously crafted to redefine a new luxury that feels contemporary, effortless, and aesthetically-balanced. Each piece is consciously made to last in 925 sterling silver, richly coated with a thick layer of pure 18K Gold or Rhodium to a Vermeil standard.

The Beginning

Founded in 2020, Lait & Lune is a women-led jewellery studio led by a colleagues-turned-best-friends duo who met as professionals in the luxury marketing industry, though with opposite personalities, are united with a joint appreciation for the arts and nature, a love for travels and, most of all, a wholehearted belief in the transformative qualities of a thoughtfully-designed modern jewelry. The two have since embarked on a mission to offer, everyone and anyone, finely crafted jewellery featuring emotionally empowering qualities and modern aesthetics.

Our Craftsmanship

Our jewelry collections are designed by independent designers in California and Hong Kong, and we strive to cultivate an inclusive and diverse community. We work with expert jewellers to craft quality timeless styles and endorse in enduring material that are meant to last for everyday wear and tear. Learn more about Material & Care.

Finest Quality of Gold Vermeil and Rhodium Vermeil

We firmly believe in upholding a high standard level of quality and luxury, even in everyday jewelry pieces. All our pieces are made with 18K Gold Vermeil or Rhodium Vermeil, a minimum of 2.5 microns thick of 18K gold or rhodium layered over sterling silver – highest quality of industry standard. All jewelry collections are created in exclusive batches for tastemakers with uncompromising craftsmanship and at attainable pricing. Learn more about Material & Care.

Our Commitment

At Lait and Lune, we stand in the intersection of minimalism and sustainability. We are keen to work towards ensuring that all of our packaging is recyclable. Our jewelry pouch is made from unbleached organic cotton, which helps minimize environmental impact from pesticides or chemicals during the production process. The Lait and Lune jewelry gift box is crafted from certified, eco-friendly recyclable paper material that lowers carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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